1. ‘People v power: The rule of law in Hong Kong’: The Economist
2. What is the proposed law that the protesters oppose?
3. ‘Plugging a loophole?’
4. ‘Hong Kong’s proposed extradition law puts ties with America at risk’: The Economist
5. ‘China Is Courting Disaster in Hong Kong’: Minxin Pei
6. CONGRESS | ‘The reaction that really matters is in Washington, D.C.’: The Economist
7. CONGRESS | Actions by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC)
8. PRESIDENT TRUMP | ‘So I hope it all works out for China and for Hong Kong.’
9. PRO | ‘There Are Huge Misconceptions About Extradition Bill.’: Ronnie Tong
10. CON | ‘My take on Hong Kong's extradition bill’: Jerry Cohen
11. CON | ‘A convenient legal tool to grab individuals deemed to be “enemies” of the Chinese state’: Minxin Pei
12. CON | President Xi Needs to tell Carrie Lam ‘no amendment now’ : Michael Pillsbury
1. ‘China’s rise would have eroded any hegemon’s unrivaled power, no matter how skillful its diplomacy’: Fareed Zakaria
2. ‘Not another downturn in U.S.-China relations: a paradigm shift’: Jim McGregor
3. ‘China had America right where it wanted it - and they overreached’: Jim McGregor
4. ‘China's Private Firms Continue to Struggle’: Nick Lardy
5. ‘Why is China so interested in building and buying ports?’: Deborah Bräutigam
1. The trade war is paralyzing business decision making.
2. Impact of tariffs on U.S. businesses in China: AmCham China chairman
3. ‘The Middle East has its oil, China has rare earths.’ Deng Xiaoping
4. Trade war: How lawyers vs economists as negotiators lead to the breakdown in talks
5. A primer on how Chinese law might enforce a US-China trade deal
6. Impact of tariffs on U.S. businesses in China: AmCham survey
1. ‘Tiananmen divides PRC history into before and after’
2. The 30-year detour: The path from Tiananmen to Xi Jinping
3. ‘The Party has relied on brute force since its inception’
4. Tiananmen: Reporting from ABC World News Tonight 1989
5. ‘Assignment: China - Tiananmen Square’
6. The story behind the ‘Tank Man’ photo
1. Peter Navarro talks tariffs on CNBC 💣
2. Navarro : ‘The producers in Mexico and China pay for this. Here's how it works. A tariff goes on that puts pressure on the Chinese or the Mexican producers to lower their prices – otherwise they can't sell.’
3. Navarro : ‘Corporate executives are recognizing that the supply chain is better off in other places in the globe or better yet bring that here.’
4. Navarro : ‘So these people who say that somehow American consumer is going to pay for this - that's simply not true.’
5. Navarro : ‘We’ve had tariffs on dishwashers and solar panels - half of Chinese exports to this country - steel and aluminum and we see virtually no inflation.' — DISHWASHERS & SOLAR PANELS
6. Navarro : ‘We’ve had tariffs on dishwashers and solar panels - half of Chinese exports to this country - steel and aluminum. And we see virtually no inflation.’ — STEEL
1 ‘How China Sees Trump’s Trade War’: Victor Shih
2. Nick Lardy on the trade war, fixing capital allocations, & why China’s GDP numbers are right
3. ‘Death by China’ & Peter Navarro
1. How the West is getting China wrong
2. Now China's Got Its Own Anti-U.S. Trade War Song
3. ‘Trade tensions will persist until global financial imbalances are addressed’
4. ‘Five Big Myths of China's Belt and Road Initiative.’
5. Trump's 2019 Protection Could Push China Back to Smoot-Hawley Tariff Levels
6. More from Bill Overholt
1. Tracing Trump's Aggressive Tariff Strategy Back to the 1980s
2. Tom Friedman explains why he agrees with Trump's China aims but not his means
3. Trade talks breakdown: How the U.S. misunderstands Chinese negotiating style
4. Trade War Won’t Dent China’s GDP
5. Comments on the U.S.-China trade war from PIIE president Adam Posen
6. China’s response: a stable or a weakened Yuan?
1. It's Trump vs. Xi in the China trade war — and it's personal
2. 'Reaching an agreement can only be done at the top.’
3. Sharpening the US-China trade debate
4. FACE OFF: Brookings vs. American Enterprise Institute
5. Trade war: Is the U.S. panicking due to China’s big hedge?
6. ‘The Chinese don't get this concept “earn” their way out of punitive tariffs’: Michael Pillsbury
1. As China Trade Talks Stall, Xi Faces a Dilemma: Fold? Or Double Down?
2. 'Trump was right to call China's bluff in the trade talks': Bill Bishop
3. The US-China trade war is poised to enter the next phase
4. Tariffs on China are no substitute for a trade deal
5. China can earn its way out of Trump’s tariffs
6. Xi Jinping Wanted Global Dominance. He Overshot
7. Trade War Results in Substantial Losses for U.S.
8. Trump Could Raise Tariffs on China. Here’s How China Could Respond.
9. A year of trade losses in the U.S.-China tariff war.....—AEI
1. 'Expect the president to move forward with tariffs this Friday.": Meredith Sumpter, Eurasia Group
2. Will Trump's ‘Crazy Uncle’ strategy work this time?
3. New tariffs could cost China 1% GDP: Tao Wang, UBS
4. 'Why Trump Is Raising Tariffs on China' - by Trump advisor Michael Pillsbury
5. Trump's Tariff Threat on Rest of Chinese Goods Would Hit Final Consumer Product
1. China Never Stopped Managing its Trade
2. A dash of stimulus helps stabilize China’s wobbly economy
3. 'May 4th Movement': Happy 100th anniversary
4. 'How the Communist Party seized the legacy of May Fourth'
1. Xi Jinping's Second Belt and Road Forum: Three Key Takeaways
2. Brooking's David Dollar on praise and criticism of Belt and Road Initiative
3. Three ways of looking at the Belt and Road Initiative
4. A Slimmer Belt and Road Is Even Scarier
5. Expert Insights | 'China’s Belt And Road: The New Geopolitics Of Global Infrastructure Development'
6. Director's Summary | 'China’s Belt And Road: The New Geopolitics Of Global Infrastructure Development'
7. QUIZ: How much do you know about the Belt and Road Initiative?
8. 'Durian "Little Thai" takes us on a journey along the Belt and Road'
1. 'The State Has Dragged Down China’s Economic Growth': Nick Lardy
2. U.S.-China trade talks: How Trump’s latest Iran sanctions decision could impact a deal
3. In US-China Trade Disputes, the WTO Usually Sides with the United States
4. Trump and the WTO: From trashing to crippling
5. 'China Growth Outlook': Credit Suisse
6. Caixin PMI has become a leading indicator of global momentum
1. 5G: 'The U.S. is winning a race that no one else is running'
2. Department of Defense: The obstacle to U.S. winning 5G
3. China in the report
1. China's economy back on track - Not so fast
2. In China, political control trumps the economy
3. JUST OUT | 2019 OECD Economic Survey of China
4. Why the calculations that led to the trade war are wrong
1. Five things to watch for in China’s new GDP data
2. 'Only Trump can save China'
3. ‘China’s land prices deserve as much attention as European industrial production or U.S. retail sales’
4 'Trump’s Foreign Policies Are Better Than They Seem'
1. 'EU-China Summit': China faces a tougher Europe
2. Europe's 'new realism' at the 'EU-China Summit'
3. China's strategy for the EU
4. The EU's (possible) strategies toward China
5. VIDEO | The Heat: China-EU summit
1. Trump & Kim Hangin' in Hanoi
2. Trade war: 'U.S. policy has changed because China has changed'
3. China’s leaders should study James Bond films
4. The best explanation of Xi's view on China's private sector – beat it into submission
5. Heads Up | Watch GZERO World with Ian Bremmer – terrific!
6. April 2019 Trade Bulletin
1. 'We're going from an unregulated trade war with China to a regulated one.’
2. Why China's market reform isn't working
3. All is well in China's intelligence service
4. 'China's GDP could start to grow again in 5-10 years': Prof Xu Bin, CEIBS
5. Starbucks opens a new store in China every 15 hours
1. 'China stimulus tracker: A one-year report card' | Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)
2. 'China is the world’s best consumer story' | McKinsey
3. When will China GDP > U.S GDP?: '2030 is not a bad estimate - but so is never.'
4. Xi and Trump Miss Their Chance
1. 'An unmistakable first-quarter recovery' for China's economy
2. China’s Bond Market Comes of Age—Sort of
3. 'The Future of China's Bond Market'
4. 'The president has taught me that tariffs have an important use in trade negotiations': Larry Kudlow
5. 'A prolonged period of radical uncertainty' - 'a major source is the Sino-American trade war': Michael Spence
1. Mueller report give U.S. more clout in trade negotiations
2. 'The time of European naïveté towards China had ended': Macron
3. Xi in Europe: How China is outmaneuvering Trump on trade
4. 'The Belt and Road Initiative Impact on Europe: An Italian Perspective'
'Two Sessions' End
March 23, 2019
1. 'Foreign Investment Law': the level playing field
2. 'Foreign Investment Law': 'Tech transfer in China is no longer the main concern'
3. Yi Gang: 'China has deleveraged' | Michael Pettis: 'No. Debt has gone up'
4. 'China can't create growth- or jobs - out of tax cuts'
5. 'The manufacturing sector, mired in a crisis of confidence, needs more than this tax cut.'
6. With Streaks of Gray Hair, Xi Jinping of China Breaks With Tradition
7. Another insight from 'The Relevant Organs'
'Two Sessions' II
March 13, 2019
1. China's increased State role is reason for slowing economy, Lardy Says
2. Addressing the crisis of confidence - what Premier Li said and didn't say
3. Is China looking for 'good' shadow banks?
4. PODCAST (12m 22s) | Analysing China’s Two Sessions and the influence of tech company chiefs
5. Explaining the seating plan at China's Two Sessions
6. IN DEPTH | More Nick Lardy on 'The State Strikes Back: The End of Economic Reform in China?'
'Two Sessions' I
March 9, 2019
1. Facing Slowing Economic Growth, China’s Premier Promises Relief for Business
2. Six key takeaways from China's annual policy blueprint
3. China’s Stimulus Muddle Deepens
4. China’s ‘two sessions’: an economic watershed or more of the same?
5. Xi Jinping Works to Stifle Dissent Amid Concerns About China’s Economy
6. FINTECH: Two Sessions Sends Strong Signals on Support for Chinese Fintech Development
7. How tea is served in the Great Hall of the People in China
8. 'Two Sessions': A rap song extolling China's annual political meeting