'Strangling with an intent to kill.’

I began to have some hope of getting our act together with Mr. Biden. He worked to rebuild relations with allies who could join the U.S. in the competition. And he understood the need for America to strengthen itself for competition. Hence, the infrastructure, CHIPS, and other acts. But whether Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden, one thing nagged me beyond all the rest. Why is America strengthening our competitor? — In the instant case: Why is America giving our competitor advanced semiconductor resources to strengthen itself to compete against us?
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After the Party Congress: How Will Xi Navigate China’s ‘Dangerous Storms’?

  • Thursday, October 27, 2022
  • 11:00am-12:30pm ET
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The Next U.S.-China Crisis: CEOs & Boards Are Not Ready

‘The bad news is that very few corporations engaged in China have contingency plans or long-term strategies to hedge against the downside risks of growing geopolitical competition.’
May 22, 2022

China GDP: 'A very long period of Japan-style low growth.’

Here are some of the insights from ‘The Only Five Paths China’s Economy Can Follow’ by Peking University’s Michael Pettis. This excellent analysis of China’s economy is worth a careful reading.
May 14, 2022

'Zero Covid' & the Shanghai lockdown

Joerg Wuttke is the president of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China - the 'official voice of European business in China.'
May 1, 2022

Is China's Tech 'Crackdown' Really Over?

Today, I’m sharing with you a bit of Ms. Schaefer’s analysis of the tech ‘crackdown’ (but not of the AI and algorithm law). She explains why...
April 17, 2022

China: 'Sleep Walking into Sanctions?'

A looming risk is Russia-like sanctions on China. The sanctions on Russia are causing plenty of disruptions. But those disruptions would be nothing compared to the catastrophe of Russia-like sanctions on China. The good news is that if China does violate the sanctions, the violations would likely be narrow and specific - even unintentional. So secondary sanctions - if they come at all - likely won't hit China’s economy and financial system deeply – or (fingers crossed) U.S.-China relations.
April 17, 2022

Russian Sanctions' Impact on China

In the meantime, some contend, China has a payment system, the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System or CIPS, that could make it independent of SWIFT.
April 5, 2022