China ECommerce–Engaging And Informative Presentation

Most of our CHINADebate hedge fund Members are particularly interested in two things: China gaming and China Internet, especially ecommerce. So, as I am keeping up with what’s happening in China, I pay attention to these industries.

Today, on SlideShare, I came across an excellent summary about China ecommerce, presented with clear and well-ordered slides, from Totem Media, a Chinese social media solutions company.

I found it engaging and informative, and, done so well, entertaining. Interesting to anyone following trends in China business. Let me know what you think.

Here’s the whole SlideShare presentation:


Longtime CHINADebate Expert Julian Chang Joins Schwarzman Scholars

Longtime CHINADebate Member and Expert, Julian Chang, has left the Harvard KennedySchool to join Schwarzman Scholars as Associate Dean of Student Life in Beijing.

From the press release:

Inspired by the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, Schwarzman Scholars is designed to educate future world leaders about China. 200 elite students from around the world will spend a postgraduate year studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China’s most prestigious academic institutions. As part of that experience, they will gain unrivaled exposure to China through mentorship opportunities, cultural immersion, extensive travel and access to distinguished visitors. Mr. Chang joins Schwarzman Scholars to develop and oversee these unique co-curricular elements of the program.

Discussing the importance of the Schwarzman Scholars program is Henry Kissinger:

All of us at CHINADebate will miss Julian and his contributions, especially at the CHINARoundtable. But we wish him in success in this important work.


CHINADebate Expert Carl Walter on ‘The China Dream: China and Its Financial Priorities

Among the speakers at the February 26 CHINARoundtable was Carl Walter. Carl is best known as the co-author of Red Capitalism: The Fragile Foundation of China’s Extraordinary Rise, a book that caused us all to revise our opinions about China’s financial and banking system.

Underlying Red Capitalism‘s analyses is Carl’s long China experience and education. He lived and worked in Beijing from 1991 to 2011, and retired after serving as COO of JPMorgan (China) and CEO of JPMorgan China Commercial Bank (China).  Before this, he was COO of China International Capital Corporation (CITIC). He holds a PhD in political science from Stanford and a BA from Princeton.

At the CHINARoundtable, Carl spoke about The China Dream: China and It’s Financial Priorities. Here’s a clip of his thoughts:

And here are the slides he used in his presentation: More

McKeown on the CHINARoundtable

My friend, Kevin McKeown, president of LEXBLOG, put an all too flattering profile of me on his excellent blog, Leadership Close Up. Thanks, Kevin!

Kevin McKeown

As much as I appreciated his kind words about me, I appreciated even more his introducing the CHINARoundtable to his many readers.

Especially the upcoming February 26 CHINARoundtable at the Harvard Club of New York. We’ll tackle an issue that threatens to tank not just China’s economy but the whole world economy: the deepening financial and banking crises.

We’ll hear from four leading China experts and have a full morning of spirited, in-depth discussion between the experts and our China-informed Members. (more below)

My aim is for our Members to return to their offices that afternoon better prepared for how ever these crises play out–reform, muddle though, or collapse. With the stakes so high, this might be our most important CHINARoundtable yet.

Returning Kevin’s shoutout, I encourage you to explore his Leadership Close Up blog. Besides great posts about strategy, leadership, and the like, you will find the real treat is his photography. Beautiful and often about my favorite, dogs.


Bullish On China Real Estate: Carol Wu, DBS Vickers

Carol Wu of DBS Vickers (and Wall Street Journal’s Analyst of the Year for Hong Kong) is bullish on the China property markets. Maybe I like her remarks because they are about the same as mine. But I think she gives a good argument for why China real estate is going to continue with fits and starts to be a driver of the China economy (and why the ‘ghost city’ stories are exaggerated). Have a look:

‘China’s New Leaders’: Tony Saich

At the November CHINA Roundtable, Tony Saich of the Harvard Kennedy School gave his take on China’s new leadership. Here’s the first part, ‘China’s New Leaders,:

CHINA Debate, Discussion Venues

CHINA Debate brings decision makers and China experts together to discuss issues that inform China and China-related business and investment decisions in three venues: CHINA Roundtable, CHINA Issue Forum, and CHINA In-House Seminars. Here’s a clip, about 30 seconds, that conveys this…

CHINA Roundtable–June 6

The next CHINA Roundtable convenes on June 6 at the Harvard Club of New York. And, we have excellent presenters on key China issues. Have a look.

Asia Society Event May 21: ‘U.S.-China Economic Relations in the Next Decade’

If you are in NY on May 21, you might want to attend ‘U.S.-China Economic Relations in the Next Decade,’ 9:30am-11:30am.

An outstanding cast of speakers (below). Here’s part of the blurb:

 This discussion will draw upon the findings and recommendations offered in U.S.-China 2022: Economic Relations in the Next 10 Years, a groundbreaking study on the evolution of the U.S.-China economic relationship over the last three decades and an in-depth look at opportunities for future cooperation. The study is sponsored by the China-United States Exchange Foundation.

Featuring remarks by:

Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State (and others, below) More

‘Chinese Outbound Real Estate Investment’: Joel Rothstein

From the guy who did the $3.2 billion Baha Mar development deal with China State Construction, here is part three of Joel’s presentation, ‘Chinese Outbound Real Estate Investment.’