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Robert Ciemniak

Robert Ciemniak

Founder-CEO & Chief Analyst
Real Estate Foresight
  • Founder-CEO & Chief Analyst, Real Estate Foresight Ltd
  • Global Head of Real Estate Markets, Thomson Reuters
  • International Master in Chess

Robert is the Founder-CEO & Chief Analyst of Real Estate Foresight Ltd (www.realestateforesight.com), an independent analytics, research and consulting firm based in Hong Kong and focused on the Mainland China property markets. Real Estate Foresight supports investors and fund managers in market and project due diligence, city is election and strategy development, combining data science with on-the-ground research. Real Estate Foresight has a 2-year track record in accurate forecasting of the China housing markets.

He started the company in 2012, after 13 years at Thomson Reuters in two major roles as Global Head of Real Estate Markets (London/Hong Kong) and earlier as Head of Corporate Foresight in Group Strategy in London.

Robert holds a dual MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia Business School in New York, and MSc from Warsaw School of Economics. He also holds an international master in chess title.

Real Estate Foresight

We apply advanced data analytics tools and combine data science and technology with on-the-ground research, with a track record in accurately forecasting the Chinese housing markets.


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