Bob Savage

Bob Savage

Chief Executive Officer
Track Research
  • Chief Executive Officer, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Research of Track.com
  • Joined FX Concepts as COO and Chief Strategist when Track.com was acquired by FX Concepts in 2012.

Bob is the Chief Executive Officer of CCTrack Solutions. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Research of Track.com, an online platform for investment research and market ideas. He joined FX Concepts as COO and Chief Strategist when Track.com was acquired by FX Concepts in 2012.

Before founding Track.com, Bob was the Managing Director of FX Macro Sales at Goldman Sachs, where he published widely-read and insightful research focusing on the FX markets and the macroeconomic environment. Prior to his 23 years of experience with Goldman Sachs, Bob was the Head of New York Foreign Exchange Trading for Lehman Brothers and a Director of Proprietary Trading at Bank of America Securities.

Bob received a B.A. in Political Philosophy from Yale University

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Bob Savage

U.S.-China trade dispute: Will China Weaponize the RMB and U.S. Treasury bonds?

Bob Savage

U.S.-China trade war: collateral damage

Consider the soy bean. 'China is threatened retaliatory tariffs on U.S. soybeans. The U.S. is one of the largest producers of soybeans. If China's not going to buy them, we're going to have an excess capacity.'

  • 'So, last week, we saw a soybean selloff.'

'But there was a complete dislocation in whole soybean supply chains. Downstream products, like soybean oil, didn't move at all in the same way.'

How Trump's tariffs impact China's trade/currency relations with Japan & Korea

'The currency markets are embroiled in trying to figure out whether the Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum are good or bad for the U.S. economy and the U.S. stock market.'

China's trade surplus up, RMB weaker

'The RMB did not like the trade data at all, and it weakened immediately - over 1% today.' 'Overnight, the world has moved a little bit away from its U.S.-centric obsession about equity volatility in the United States and around the world to what's going on in China,' says Bob Savage, CEO of TRACK and member of the soon-to-be-launched China Analyst Network.

China's RMB oil futures exchange—the 'story of the year'!

There's a lot to follow in China. And, I had missed reports about the opening of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange or INE, likely this quarter. But, during my interview with Bob Savage, the well-respected analyst of global markets and CEO of TRACK, he told me the INE could be the 'story of the year.' That's a big - and interesting - claim about something that seems like one more ho-hum Chinese entity. Bob explained that the INE will create the an RMB-denominated oil futures contract. The first such contract in a petrodollar world, where China is largest crude oil importer. If RMB oil contracts - even just for trade with China - catch on, then the whole global oil trading regime will change. And, given the massive size of the global oil trade, a shift from dollars to RMBs will both erode the dollar as a reserve currency, and push the RMB closer its goal of becoming a full reserve currency.

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