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‘Enter the Trump Buddha'

The New York Times

Steven Lee Myers | The New York Times
‘Enter the Trump Buddha'
‘Enter the Trump Buddha'
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‘The Abbot of the Mar-a-Lago Monastery'

March 12, 2021
BIG IDEA | “Trump, the Buddha of Knowing of the Western Paradise.”

Here's more: ‘A furniture maker and decorator in southern China has cast a sculpture of Mr. Trump in ceramic whiteware, his legs crossed and hands serenely resting in his lap.’

  • ‘The artist calls it “Trump, the Buddha of Knowing of the Western Paradise.” ’

‘He has so far sold about 100 sculptures, but this being China, where intellectual property rights are loosely enforced at best, knockoffs have already been produced, selling on Taobao for a fraction of the cost of his originals.’

‘In the description, he wryly added, “Make your company great again.” ’

A wag on Chinese social media suggested that it would have been more realistic if Mr. Trump were holding a mobile phone and tweeting.

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