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‘weiweicam.com’ Shut Down By Chinese Authorities: ‘byebye to all voyeurs’

cam shot of Ai at his computer

After just 46 hours of broadcast, Chinese authorities called Mr. Ai and ordered him to shut down ‘weiweicam.com.’

Here is his Tweet announcing the end of broadcasting:

By detaining Mr. Ai for 81 days, the Chinese authorities have shown him that his international fame and prestige are no protection. Yet, Mr. Ai continues to poke them in their many eyes. What guts.

Below are two news reports, with clips from Mr. Ai’s now dark webcams.

Mr. Ai told AFP:

“I explained to them: you have 15 cameras on me, and the camera I set up in my bedroom is exactly the same camera that I had above my head during my 81 detention days,”….”So I am doing you a favour to (let you) really know what I am doing and have a close watch.”

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