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Neil Heywood, Murdered By Bo Henchman Using Cyanide: So Says British Tabloid Daily Mail Online

Whether its hacking voicemail or putting naked women on Page Three, you have to love British tabloids. Now, it’s tales of Chinese court intrigue.

Or, so the Daily Mail Online reports in ‘Briton in China murder riddle ‘poisoned by cyanide drops’: Sensational new claims about expat’s mystery death in hotel.’

Here are some of the claims:

A British businessman found dead in a Chinese hotel was murdered on the orders of a fallen Communist Party chief, according to new reports.

The extraordinary accounts – published on respected Mandarin-language websites yesterday – claimed to expose a sex-and-money scandal behind China’s biggest political crisis in a generation.

The websites described how Old Harrovian Neil Heywood, 41, died from cyanide poisoning after allegedly having an affair with lawyer Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai, seen until recently as a future leader of China.

.                .                 .

It was alleged yesterday that Mr Heywood was murdered after helping Mrs Gu to siphon nearly £800million of assets overseas.

Here are a few more choice claims.

He was poisoned last November in a hotel room in the mega-city of Chongqing by a henchman of city party leader Mr Bo, using a lethal dose of potassium cyanide – a poison that kills within minutes in tiny doses, according to the claims.

.                .                 .

A city official has allegedly confessed that he prepared the poison and handed it to an employee of Mr Bo, who administered it to Mr Heywood on the party chief’s instructions, according to the accounts.

.                .                 .

Police chief Wang Lijun, who later turned whistleblower and fled to a US consulate seeking asylum, allegedly ordered his officers to record Mr Heywood’s death as a heart attack. Bo had those officers who refused to do so imprisoned and  tortured, according to the blog accounts.

.                .                 .

One account claims Mr Bo was a philanderer who slept with more than 100 women, including TV presenters and models, during his time as Dalian mayor from 1993 to 2000.

And, so it goes.

The primary source is the Boxun.com, anti-Chinese Communist Party news site. Here’s more about Boxun right next to info about the ‘henchman’ who poisoned Mr. Heywood. We might say, two poisoners.

If you don’t read Chinese and would like to follow Boxun, remember the method described in ‘How To Read Chinese Internet Sites–Even If You Don’t Read Chinese.’

Whatever the truth and however much of the truth we ever learn, stories like this make China watching a blast.

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