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Bo Bugs Hu: ‘Bo’s Downfall Is Tied to Wiretapping’ Of Senior Chinese Officials

Maybe it wasn’t just lauding the Cultural Revolution, or singing Red Songs, or even his wife’s perhaps ordering the murder of a Brit who threatened to expose the family’s attempt to get a fortune out of China. No, according to Jonathan Ansfield and Ian Johnson, ‘Bo’s Downfall Is Tied to Wiretapping’:

Until now, the downfall of Mr. Bo has been cast largely as a tale of a populist who pursued his own agenda too aggressively for some top leaders in Beijing and was brought down by accusations that his wife had arranged the murder of Neil Heywood, a British consultant, after a business dispute. But the hidden wiretapping, previously alluded to only in internal Communist Party accounts of the scandal, appears to have provided another compelling reason for party leaders to turn on Mr. Bo.

.                     .                     .

Internal party accounts suggest that the party views the wiretapping as one of Mr. Bo’s most serious crimes. One preliminary indictment in mid-March accused Bo of damaging party unity by collecting evidence on other leaders.

Party officials, however, say it would be far too damaging to make the wiretapping public. When Mr. Bo is finally charged, wiretapping is not expected to be mentioned. “The things that can be publicized are the economic problems and the killing,” according to the senior official at the government media outlet. “That’s enough to decide the matter in public.”

 Hanged for a penny, hanged for a pound.

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