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‘Bo Does Hollywood’ From Rectified Name

This is wonderful…

Corrupt Official. Murder. Intrigue. Knowing they have a scorching hot property, Brendan and Jeremiah travel to Los Angeles to meet with Brad Grey and Harvey Weinstein. The project is called: “Operation Bo Bo Bidding War”

JEREMIAH: Thanks for meeting with us today.

BRAD GREY: What’s the project?

BRENDAN: Bo Xilai.

HARVEY WEINSTEIN: Never heard of him.

BRAD GREY: We used him as a stunt double for MI:3

BRENDAN : No, Bo Xilai. Godfather of Chonqing. Hubris. Power. Crazy Wife. Shakespeare in Sichuan.

BRAD GREY: Nice. Like The Departed…but in China. Can’t miss.
. . .

HARVEY: Yeah, but the whole thing is…I mean who even thinks up shit like this?

BRENDAN: We got it from the Wall Street Journal.

HARVEY: Oscar Gold!

Read the rest of the script here.

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