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iPad: Apple Versus Proview–Where To Find The Best Analyses

Stan Abrams

Will the iPad in China no longer be called iPad? Will China prohibit the export of an Apple product labeled iPad?

I don’t usually follow China intellectual property issues closely, but here is Apple/Proview fight has intrinsic interest. And, for me, beyond the merits, I want to know if this a case of:


Dan Harris

  • Apple’s lawyers screwing up in the attempt to purchase the iPad trademark from Proview
  • China’s opaque legal system working in mysterious ways, or
  • A bit of both

But, the more I immersed myself in the mainstream media to find answers, the more confused I became. So, I turned, as I routinely do on all China legal matters, to China Hearsay and the China Law Blog.

And, Stan Abrams and Dan Harris, the authors of the respective blogs once again met my expectations. For the best exposition of the facts and analyses of the law–far better than any other sources I have reviewed–hit the blogs linked above, and then follow the trail of related articles.

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  1. I’ve been living in China for 13 years in executive capacities with a number of western high technology companies. I can say that Stan offers a practical and concise analysis of some key issues. Dan is starting to delve into areas in which he (and his team) have little or no experience (specifically here in China). There have been a number if instances in which their “opinion” of Chinese business law was just plain inaccurate.

    • Thanks, Brad!

      In the areas I work in, I have always them both to be generally on the money. But, I don’t work at all in the tech sector, so I can’t judge. Appreciate the insights.

      Best, Malcolm

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